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Diamond Latha
Regular priceRs.2,500.00Rs.2,250.00
Deenar (Wash & Wear)
Regular priceRs.1,550.00
Regular priceRs.1,650.00
Regular priceRs.2,500.00
Double Ghora Boski (Wash & Wear)
Regular priceRs.3,250.00
TOYOBO (wash & wear)
Regular priceRs.2,100.00
Picanto/SuperFine Cotton
Regular priceRs.2,250.00
Bosky Touch
Regular priceRs.3,300.00Rs.2,800.00
Malhar Lawn
Regular priceRs.2,700.00
Grace (Wash & Wear)
Regular priceRs.3,680.00Rs.3,130.00
Regular priceRs.3,700.00Rs.3,300.00
Decent Design Cotton
Regular priceRs.4,300.00Rs.3,850.00
Admire Cotton ( Slub Design )
Regular priceRs.3,600.00Rs.3,250.00
Esham (Wash & Wear)
Regular priceRs.1,930.00
Cotton Karandi
Regular priceRs.3,300.00
Sunrise Latha
Regular priceRs.5,100.00
Regular priceRs.2,200.00
Kurta Fancy D-02
Regular priceRs.3,200.00
Export Latha
Regular priceRs.3,680.00Rs.3,190.00
Dany Waistcoat D-101
From Rs.2,200.00
Varsace (Wash & Wear)
Regular priceRs.2,230.00
Royal Wool Tweed
From Rs.4,000.00
Dany Waistcoat D-111
From Rs.2,200.00
Sport City (Wash & Wear)
Regular priceRs.2,980.00
Star Cotton
Regular priceRs.3,300.00Rs.2,850.00
Dany Waistcoat D-121
From Rs.2,200.00
Entity (Cotton)
Regular priceRs.4,700.00
Luxury Egyptian Cotton
Regular priceRs.7,850.00

If you're looking for the latest in men's fashion, look no further than Wijdan Store. We've got all the latest styles and trends, from wash and wear to cotton to khadar to boski. Whatever your style, we've got you covered. So come on down and check out our new arrivals today! You won't be disappointed.

Wash and wear:  This type of clothing is designed to be easy to care for and requires little to no ironing. Perfect for busy guys on the go!

Cotton:  A classic fabric that is both comfortable and breathable, cotton is a great choice for any season.

Khadar:  A lightweight fabric perfect for warm weather, khadar is a must-have for any man's wardrobe.

Boski: A luxurious fabric with a soft, silky feel, boski is the perfect choice for special occasions or just when you want to feel extra dapper.

No matter what your style,  Wijdan Store has the latest fashion trends covered. So come on down and check out our new arrivals today! You won't be disappointed.

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